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Posted:  6/11/15

Mark was struggling to find work in his chosen industry. After being proactive in the job market for quite some time, Mark was starting to feel deflated and frustrated that he was being overlooked by potential employers but wasn’t sure why. So in an effort to try something different, he decided to contact us to see if up skilling could help fill the gaps in his resume.

One of our Course Advisors Maree worked with Mark to understand his career goals and they discovered quickly a Diploma of Logistics could help him meet the job requirements and put his resume at the top of the pile! Once enrolled, Mark updated his resume to say that he was currently studying and then reapplied for the positions he had tried for recently. This sparked interest with an Employer who contacted Mark to say he was very impressed that he had already completed a Certificate III but when he saw on the new application that he had enrolled into the Diploma he had to offer him work! Needless to say, he was thrilled!

Mark commences work in November and we wish him all the best with his studies and his new role!

Do not wait a day longer… your future self will thank you!

Up skilled qualifications make for highly attractive additions to any CV. Whether you are looking for a new role, a fast track promotion or a career change we can help!

Do not be discouraged thinking it is too hard, or will not make a difference. Self improvement is always a good idea. Call us today on 1300 362 946 or email: hello@enticeengageretain.com.au to book a call back with one of our Course Advisors today.

Study Online

Posted:  6/10/15

Have you been interested to study Nursing but the fact that you had to travel to campus has held you back?

We have great news! You can now study Nursing online and blended (online & on campus), with practical training only required:
  • Online Study: 2 week blocks every 12 to 14 weeks
  • Blended Study: 1 day per week

An online Nursing Diploma prepares you for an exciting and rewarding job in a growing sector!
The Nursing Diploma is Nationally Recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and Accredited by The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

Alisa Kerdyam is setting a new standard (1)

Join the many happy students who have enrolled with Entice Engage Retain and kickstart your pathway towards your career goals today!

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Posted: 30/09/15

At EER we understand how busy life can be. With Online Study you can enjoy flexibility to study in your own time and at your own pace. But on the flip side studying online can be quite daunting, creating anxiety and preventing you from reaching your goals.

We have a solution! Introducing our Student Support Team dedicated to YOU - our students!

EER understand that along your education journey you may need to talk to someone about your studies or for personal/study based challenges that might arise. Each of our Student Support Officers (SSOs) come from varying backgrounds – Business, Psychology, Education, Customer Service and even Personal Training!

Our SSOs take great care to ensure the transition of adding study into your normal routine is as smooth as possible. 24 Hours after Enrolment you will receive contact from Student Support Officer who will introduce themselves to you and talk through your career goals and pathways. You will also receive an email with their direct contact details if you ever need them. Our SSOs take great pride in their customer service quality and will always treat you as a friend who is there to motivate you along the way.

Meet Vanessa!


Vanessa Viegas is a fantastic asset to the SSO Team and has been helping Anthony during his Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games Course..

“I would really like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all of your help Vanessa as my Student Support Officer. My unique situation of working full time whilst being a parent to 4 children, adds to the challenges of study and assignments. Not only that but I am having a go at making my hobby a potential career which makes for a very interesting juggle act! Without your assistance and guidance I feel as though I would quite easily hit a wall and call it a day, as I have done so many times in the past.

I also feel as though I should mention my appreciation for the way in which you convey your thoughts and advice to me. There is nothing worse than feeling like I am talking to a machine and I am very thankful for the personal touch added to our conversations. Thank you Vanessa!

  Anthony Bridges, Enrolled Student, Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games

We are dedicated to you Career Goals and Pathways

As you move through your course, your SSO will touch base with you (as much as you like!), to be on hand to offer you confidential study support from motivation to working through any study challenges you are facing. They can also liaise with trainers and educators on your behalf and provide referral information for ongoing support.

Our Student Support Team will offer you the highest level of support and guidance and offer services including administrative assistance, help with time management, career guidance and study motivated to keep you going! EER want to see you achieving your best and reaching your career goals.

Meet Sandra!


Sandra Reilly is another one of our dedicated SSOs. Sandra is an enthusiastic, reliable and supportive SSO who always strives to be there for every student. Tristan was assigned Sandra as his Student Support Officer..

“I was really surprised that I received a call straight away from a Student Support Officer. Sandra is there to guide me with extra support so that I could give my Diploma 100% focus. I could not believe how helpful she was and how she was happy to go out of her way to assist me with anything that I needed to know. It is a service that other places should look into, and I am very happy to have the guidance of a Student Support Officer for my Diploma.”

  Tristan Lahey, Enrolled Student

"Together with the Entire Team - Anything is and will be Possible!"

Have you been thinking of studying but been put off by the fact you might feel isolated when studying online or by yourself?

Join the many happy students who have enrolled with Entice Engage Retain and kickstart your pathway towards your career goals today!

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Posted: 23/09/15

Do you ever get the feeling that opportunities are passing you by?

Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut in your current workplace or are continually overlooked for that promotion?

Maybe you spend your days searching the Internet for a new job or a career change?

Or you have sent out dozens of resumes with no luck?

Ringing any bells? It is time to take action!

The feeling of being stagnant in your career is frustrating and can lead to anxiety over job security. Up skilling can give you the chance to develop new skills to put yourself ahead of your peers applying for the same job positions as you. Not only that but with newly acquired qualifications and skills you could move onto a career path that better aligns with your interests and goals.

So where do you start?

If you are looking for a New Role or a Career Change

Are you sick of hearing after an interview:
You were so close but another candidate had more qualifications and experience than you?

If you have been actively seeking a new position but feel continually let down by your current qualifications, skill set or experience it might be time to up skill in order to meet the job requirements.

There is a clear association between the qualifications you possess and your ability to get a job. According to Skills Australia, workers will need additional qualifications in coming years, particularly diploma and degree qualifications.

Your first course of action is to look at your current resume and compare this with the required skills in the job advertisement. What skills and qualifications are you missing? What are the key qualifications and skills you need to develop in order to meet the requirements of the position? You aren’t going to be able to tick every box in an application but you should be able to tick most. This will definitely put you ahead when the employer is short listing for interviews. If you are missing crucial qualifications and skills, then you should definitely consider up skilling in order to equip yourself with this knowledge.

What are the Growth Industries for the Next 5 Years?

According to the 2015 Department of Employment Australian Jobs Report (source), the industries projected to grow most strongly are Health Care and Social Assistance (up by 18.7%), Education and Training (15.6%) and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (14.4%). In addition, the skill level of the Australian workforce is also rising with a higher proportion of workers now having post-school qualifications, and this trend is continuing. Consistent with this, the occupational profile of the workforce is changing, with lower skilled occupational groups expected to offer relatively few new jobs over the next five years. The ten occupations with the largest numbers of new jobs expected over the five years to November 2019 are:

  • Clerks, General (up by 75,600)
  • Sales Assistants, General (58,300)
  • Nurses, Registered (41,400)
  • Carers, Aged and Disabled (26,100)
  • Accountants (25,700)
  • Carers, Child (22,800)
  • Education Aides (20,900)
  • Managers, Retail (20,800)
  • Chefs (20,000)
  • Carpenters and Joiners (18,700)

Based on these facts and trends for the next 5 years, it is clear that up skilling should definitely be a consideration in today’s climate.

Ideas for courses that meet these trends are:

  • Diploma of Community Services / Counselling
  • Diploma of Business – Administration, Management, Marketing etc.
  • Diploma of Accounting
  • Diploma of Retail Management
  • Diploma of Management / Trades
  • Diploma of Logistics
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Diploma of Disability
  • Certificate in Aged Care
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care
  • Diploma of School Aged Education & Care
  • Diploma of Management Community Service
  • Diploma of Customer Engagement

If you want to Up Skill in your Current Workplace:

Employee engagement is critical for a productive, smoothly functioning company. However, research shows employee engagement at the majority of Australian businesses is less than 54%! This is quite alarming when you consider that global research firms like Aon Hewitt have reported that higher employee engagement can lead to increased revenues and less turnover. Therefore it is imperative for employers to encourage employees to up skill in the current workplace. Not only does it provide you as the employee with new skill sets and qualifications which leads to greater productivity for the company, your previous experience can often count towards the education process which will fast track your studies!

Having the conversation with your employer shows that you are motivated and positive about growing with the business. A good place to start is to speak with your boss about your current position and areas the business is looking to grow. This will lead to the question: Do these growth areas require additional skill sets? This is your window! Speak positively about your eagerness to grow with the company and your interest in up skilling yourself to be more involved. Remember that skilled staff will always be crucial to business longevity, so your employer will appreciate your forward thinking attitude and desire to learn and grow.

If you think you don't have time to study:

  • Want to keep your existing job and study at the same time?
  • Need a flexible study option to fit around your kids?
  • Prefer the option of studying online but would like the option of face-to-face catch-ups with your teachers?

We hear you! At Entice Engage Retain, we understand that everyone’s situation is different and everyone learns in different ways. That’s why we offer courses with flexible learning options to help find a course that is right for you and your circumstances. Studying online or a blended option of online & on campus allows you to study around your family, work and life. Not only that, but you are starting the process while you are working so you can work towards your goals while you are still earning an income! The beauty of 2015 – earn while you learn!

Quick Facts:

A study by Karmel found that employers have shifted demands to workers with higher level qualifications including Diplomas. (Source)

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.55.45 pm

You can be up to 24% more likely to be employed if you complete a Diploma and had previously only completed year 10.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.55.54 pm

You can be up to 11% more likely to be employed if you complete a Diploma and had previously only completed year 12.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.54.12 pm

Your wages can be up to 19% higher by completing a Diploma.

Study Now Pay Later

Now is a better time than ever to up skill yourself as you can study now and pay later with the VET FEE-HELP Loan*. There are also flexible study options enabling you to earn while you learn.

We have a range of Nationally Recognised Qualifications enrolling now including: Community Services, Counselling, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Early Childhood Education & Care, Retail Management, Beauty Therapy, Nursing, Logistics, Building & Construction, Logistics, Information Technology, Digital Web Design, Marketing, Management, Events & Tourism and many more!

As an added bonus, once you enrol you will be assigned a dedicated Student Support Officer who will be there for you as much or as little as you need them to be. Whether you need study tips or you just need someone to keep you motivated along the way, your Support Officer is happy to help.

CALL 1300 362 946
Email: hello@enticeengageretain.com.au

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Are you not eligible for VET FEE-HELP but still keen to study?

You may be eligible for subsidised funding towards a Certificate III Qualification!

Certificate III Guarantee provides an avenue to up skill without having to worry about paying large tuition fees! Flexible training methods are available to suit the needs of all eligible participants, including on-line/distance, workplace and classroom based delivery.

If you are eligible, you will only have one upfront payment for your course and then the Government will subsidise a portion of the fees for you.

Do you have a Healthcare Card?

Chances are you will be eligible! Click the button below to receive a free call back or Call Us on: 1300 336 946

Wide Variety of Courses to choose from:

Posted: 21/08/15

Everyday we receive emails and calls from people who are facing a range of career challenges. The most common conversations are:

“I want to study but don’t have the time or funds!”

“I am bored with what I am currently doing and need a career change.”

“I am struggling to find a job, I want to up skill to improve my resume to help me land my dream job.”

Does this sound like you?

Return To Work With Confidence (15)

Study Now Pay Later

VET FEE-HELP Loan Scheme* allows you to Study Now and Pay Later.

Wide Variety of Courses to choose from:

Return To Work With Confidence (14)
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Posted: 07/07/15

Love getting done up, doing your BFF’s make-up and hosting pampering sessions with your friends? Why don’t you build on your experience and make money with what you love doing?


This Beauty Diploma (SIB50110) can be studied On Campus or Online making it an easy flexible study option around your current schedule whether you are a stay at home mum or want to up skill whilst keeping your existing job.

As a qualified Beauty Therapist you have the option of working in some of the most beautiful places in the world:

  • Beauty Salons
  • Resorts
  • Day Spas
  • Cruise Ships
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Salon Owner

Our trusted Course Advisors can answer any questions you may have, so give us a call today!

Change the course of your life: 1300 362 946 or email: hello@enticeengageretain.com.au

Check out this 60 second video to get inspired.

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Posted: 8/03/15

It is with great excitement that I am writing my first Entice Engage Retain blog. The company has just officially launched and we already have 3 clients! Entice Engage retain exists to help entice customers, increase engagement and deliver retention strategies to drive your business forward.

We offer lead generation services, customer engagement and customer experience management to potential clients across all industry and business types. I’m very excited to offer end-end consulting and outsourcing services and exist to build revenue for our clients.

– Joshua Cameron, Managing Director